Google to Compress Screen Advertisements with Brotli

Google recently shared that it will start utilising Brotli compression algorithm for display ads running on its managed properties instead of presently used Zopli. Brotli is an open-supply records compression algorithm that performs better than gzip in compressions. Jyrki Alakuijala and Zoltán Szabadka developed Brotli which can be used to speed up all modern browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Edge. Zopli was reducing the file sizes up to 26%.

Google initially used Brotli for the Google Exams results' compressions and observed 15% extra compression capability in this tool which in return saved gigabytes of space on its servers every single day. Google was not attracted only to the compression capabilities of Brotli but its perfect alignment with Google's push for faster page loading times. With the introduction of Brotli on screen advertisements and probably beyond; we shall expect much more quickly loading browser pages given that 2 billion mobile pages in 900,000 domains are running daily under the check and validation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) - a Google-backed project.  

Consequently, Google is now planning to get AMP roll more e-commerce mobile websites as well as extra advertisement codecs which will contribute to Google's vision for faster and quicker Internet. The AMP adverts Initiative launched last year with an aim to repair advert experiences by way of incorporating AMP into advertising.

Given that Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge are all supporting Brotli, that will be a good jump start. However, Safari is not on this list yet.

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